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Established track record and market reputation

We offer quality properties for rent in accessible locations and at competitive rates. We believe the positive experiences that our tenants have had with us will encourage them to renew their leases with us, which will enable us to progressively grow our customer base and broaden our revenue streams.

Committed, qualified and experienced management team and support staff

Our management team has collectively over 45 years of experience in the industry. The knowledge and experience of our management and support staff will continue to help our Group to expand our business and portfolio in the coming years.

Diversified portfolio of properties in strategic locations, and a diverse tenant base

Our diversified portfolio of properties allows us to address the needs of many segments in the business community, thereby providing us with a stable source of rental income derived from our broad and diverse tenant base. Currently, our Group has over 900 local and international tenants operating in a wide range of industries. We are also able to address the needs of companies that conduct cross-border business activities between Singapore and Indonesia through the provision of suited offices under our "GreenHub" brand in Indonesia.

Ability to provide value-added integrated solutions

Through our Space Optimisation Business, Facilities Management Business and Logistics Services Business which are fully integrated and complement one another, we are able to position ourselves as a full-fledged real estate management services group which provides efficient one-stop solutions that add value to our customers' space and space management needs.

Close working relationships with our tenants

Regular feedback meetings, cross tenancy networking events and annual tenants' satisfaction surveys allow us to understand our tenants' business needs and refine our internal operating procedures and customer service procedures to meet their needs. Our proactive customer service culture has enabled us to achieve a historical average tenancy renewal rate of approximately 72%.