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We intend to:

  1. Grow our property portfolio by continuously seeking out suitable properties in Singapore and the ASEAN region to lease on a long-term basis.
  2. Strategically acquire our own properties to strengthen the group's balance sheet over time.
  3. Expand our Logistics Services Business by acquiring a transportation storage facility and further expanding our existing fleet of prime movers, so as to enhance the productivity of our transport fleet and provide more value added services to our customers, and thus boost the competitiveness of our transportation service.
  4. Expand our Facilities Management Business by securing more contracts and acquiring car park equipment and related consumables.
  5. Expand operations in existing markets and into new markets in the ASEAN region through the setting up of new subsidiaries, acquisitions, joint ventures and/or strategic alliances.
  6. Develop our technological capability through the utilisation of intelligent systems that provide meaningful information so as to leverage on our wide customer base and facilitate information sharing and knowledge flow, which will enhance our sales and marketing efforts to enable sustainable growth for our Group.