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Competitive Strengths

We have a long history in the space optimisation business and have market reputation for offering quality properties for rent.

We have a long history in optimising space for leasing to tenants in Singapore. We began leasing properties to tenants in 2002 and then started diversifying into space optimisation business in 2006. Our space optimisation business first started by optimising industrial properties and gradually expanding into commercial and residential properties.

With over fifteen years of experience, we have an understanding and experience in the market demands and requirements, especially in Singapore. With our knowledge of the industry, we understand the market preference and needs, and which have enabled us to consistently identify properties with good rental potential, designing and refurbishing the properties to maximise their rental potential and to meet our tenants' and customers' needs. We believe by offering quality properties and understanding the needs of the tenants, we are able to attract new tenants and customers and to encourage existing tenants and customers to renew their leases and services with us. With this competitive advantage, we are able to have a high occupancy rate at our properties. Furthermore, with our facilities management business, we are able to provide efficient and reliable facilities management without relying on any third parties so that we can better control the quality and service level provided by our facilities management team.

As a testament of our operational excellence and quality customer' service, we are recognized by the Singapore Quality Class on 30 April 2017 for commendable performance in business excellence. We believe this will instill confidence in our tenants and customers, which in turn may increase our sales. We have also been awarded the Singapore Prestige Brand Award - Established Brands for the years 2015 and 2016, which was jointly awarded by Association of Small & Medium Enterprises and Lianhe Zaobao in Singapore in recognition of our strong brand. With the recognition of our brand name, we believe it provide us with the competitive advantage to instill confidence in our tenants and customers for the quality of our services. It also allows us to leverage on our brand recognition to expand overseas as we believe it will provide our tenants and customers of our reliability and accountability.

Our space optimisation business and facilities management business are integrated and complement one another to maximise our returns.

Our space optimisation business and facilities management business ~are fully integrated and complement one another in order to maximise our returns.

Our space optimisation business is supported by our facilities management business, which provides our managed properties that we own or lease for subletting facilities management services, including security services, cleaning services and car park management services. We believe this will decrease our operation cost and increase our profit margin for our properties as we can better control the cost and improve our economies of scale. Furthermore, our facilities management business also services ~external~ customers, which allow us to understand the requirements of third party landlords and their operation. With such information, we can better improve our services and improve our services in our properties.

We believe with this ecosystem that we have created, it sets us apart from our competitors as we can maximise our returns through having the ability to cross offer our services to our tenants and customers whom carry on different businesses, which in turn could further strengthen our relationship with our tenants and customers, increase our revenue and maximise our returns.

We have a comprehensive services mix to cater to different needs of our tenants and our customers

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of properties which caters to needs of our tenants and customers in different markets. We not only offer traditional commercial, industrial and residential properties, but also offer properties with value-added features and services, such as our GreenHub Suited Offices, 85SOHO serviced residence, Work+Store spaces and valet, and PickJunction spaces.

Our GreenHub Suited Offices provide suited offices with flexible lease terms and a wide range of different options in terms of locations, size of rooms and other optional value-added services, targeting to cater to different needs of business office users. Our targeted tenants and customers for our GreenHub Suited Offices are businesses that do not require a large physical presence, such as SMEs, start-ups and global or multi-national corporations without a large presence in the country. As we operate GreenHub Suited Offices in Singapore and in Jakarta, Indonesia, our GreenHub Suited Offices tenants and customers may also use our services in the other country, which we believe provides additional flexibility to our tenants and customers. We also offer 85SOHO serviced residence targeting professionals, expatriates and young families, who may not need a full time domestic help at home but may find serviced residence option attractive.

As for our facilities management business, it provides services for our own properties and also services to external customers. Our facilities management business offers services such as comprehensive cleaning and related services, car park management services and security services. We believe the suite of services in the facilities management business compliments each other, and also strengthens our space optimisation business as we can stay current with the market for our services.

Similarly, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of services under our logistics services business, such as transportation services, container depot management services and container depot services. We currently offer container depot services directly to our customers and also container depot management services for container depot operators who wish to generate a stable source of income while outsourcing the management to other parties. For our transportation services, we not only offer our customers transportation of ISO tanks but also services such as making arrangements to pick-up the ISO tanks, preparation of the tanks for cargo loading servicing of the ISO tanks. Our customers may also store their containers at our container depot. At our container depot, we offer our customers a wide range of services, including cleaning, inspection, repair and maintenance, and preparation of the containers before they are picked-up by our customers or by their logistics forwarders, or for us to fulfil orders under our transportation services.

We believe with the wide range of integrated services under our space optimisation business, facilities management business and logistics services business, not only can we provide a wide range of services to our tenants and customers, but we believe we can also create traction with our tenants and customers to create loyalty to us and to strengthen our relationships to enable us to successfully grow our business in terms of scale and breadth.

We have an experienced and stable management team with extensive industry knowledge.

We have an experienced management team with extensive knowledge of our industries. Our management team consists of our two executive Directors, two senior management and other managers for our day-to-day business.

Mr. Kelvin Lim, the executive chairman of our Board, and Ms. Jess Lim, our executive Director, each have over 15 years in our businesses. In particular, Mr. Kelvin Lim and Ms. Jess Lim have begun their career in property management in 1997 and 2002, respectively. With the growth of our business into the facilities management business and the logistics services business, they have successfully grown our businesses, and led our Group to our Catalist Listing. Furthermore, our executive senior management, Mr. Danny Wong and Ms. Yeo Swee Cheng, are also important in our business operations. Mr. Danny Wong is primarily responsible for overseeing the marketing and property management functions of our space optimisation business, has over 12 years of industry experience. He works closely with our executive Directors on the space optimisation business, manages the day-to-day operations and also supervises other managers in the business. Ms. Swee Cheng Yeo, the chief financial officer of our Group, joined us in 2011 and oversees all the financial matters of our Group. Together, they spearhead the formulation of our business strategies and expansion plans, and are closely supported by a pool of committed and qualified managers and staff.

Our managers at the entity level are responsible for the day-to-day management of our businesses depending on the function. For example, our facilities management business includes managers who oversee the car parking business, security business, and cleaning and related services business. As for our logistics services business, we have managers who oversee the transportation business and the container depot business. All of our managers work as a team and report to our management so that our business strategies and plans are consistently applied throughout our Group. We believe having managers who specialise in a particular area will allow us to streamline that particular operation, stay current to the business environment and development, and become the best in their industry. As for our qualified staff, they include architects, interior and concept designers who form part of our space optimisation team. Our project managers, electrical engineers, facilities and property managers ensure that our projects are well refurbished and managed efficiently. Our marketing managers, leasing managers and information technology managers contribute towards the expansion and management of our customer base.

We believe our management team's in-depth industry knowledge and vision have enabled us to effectively formulate and implement sound business strategies, carefully evaluate and manage risks, accurately anticipate changes in the industry and timely capture market opportunities.

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